How I succeded

For most people this “play button award” stands for a milestone, namely reaching 100’000 subscribers on YouTube, whereby Google recognizes the extraordinary effort of a creator.

However, to me this award has a different meaning: It is the symbol for a strong friendship. The symbol for the extraordinary effort that my best friend and soulmate, Raphael Walter, devoted to me for a decade. The symbol for my very mentor whose love is always powerful enough to motivate, inspire and convey positive energy to me. An incredible kindred spirit overlooking my failures and genuinely cheering my achievements. A beautiful mind wired with mine at all times even over the longest distance, the proof for a higher power that scientists have not detected yet.

Consciously or unconsciously, he taught me how to find myself, how to explore the vastness beyond the comfort zone and therefore – how to become truly successful in dating.

I truly believe that you also can become the best version of yourself.