Approach girls during daytime

We will be your personal daygame advisor and confidence builder. With private one-2-one online coaching sessions we will show you how to seduce girls during daytime and getting their numbers.

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Stefan Wehrli, CEO at Lensbreak Studios

Switzerland's #1 Dating Coach

With 6 years of coaching experience and trusted by 289000 subscribers with over 90M views on social media we are the leading single coaching company of Switzerland.

As a teenager I was very shy, introverted and often bullied. When meeting a girl I would struggle to hold a meaningful coversation and build a relationship.

It wasn’t until I started my YouTube channel shooting prank videos and picking up literally thousands of girls in public. Thanks to many years of hard graft and self-development I became more socially free – and eventually very successful with women.

In every prank I incorporated a worldwide unique concept of picking up girls to inspire more men how to approach girls in public and win their hearts. I believe everyone can become truly successful with girls like I did.

With our special coaching sessions I want to help you to become the best version of yourself so you can find easily the girl of your dreams.